"Five colors and nine fields: a huge set of possibilities. However, aesthetics still does not allow us to generate just any combination, and so the hands of the artist are tied. Moreover, Nem's own personality is also there: for if the creative ego is not there the seemingly regular squares and well-known colors would yield mechanical variations only. The few of her preferred color and form variations, that make her works individually recognizable, are results of several years of experimentation."

03-alfa-384-756-129 03-gamma-751-863-294

04-collage-629-715-348 04-omega-581-734-926

04-sigma-317-456-982 05-theta-124-863-957

04-tau-159-834-267 04-tau-819-534-726

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"As we live in a strongly de-sacralized world totems lost their role in rituals and beliefs but perhaps because of this we enjoy entering into a playful visual Magicland. Due to symmetry the primeval order shows up on these prisms.
The geometric division also conjures up ancient traditions. (...) At the same time the size of these poles is not insignificant; the height of these secular totems, ranging from sixty centimeters to two meters, provides different effects to organize space."

04-alfa-tau-lambda 04-omega-814-537-296

05-alfa-126-345-879 04-omega-431-597-826

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"Next to images on the plane and to the de-pendents in the space another group of works is that of the fiberglass objects. In this group the same geometric composition is printed on a fiberglass box by serigraphy while the same-sized wood painting underneath is always changing. The visual impact is given by how the wood painting comes through the uniform fiberglass filter. It actually is a visual summation: what will the total impact be by overlaying the two layers; which layer will be dominant?"

05-ypsilon-123-654-789 05-sigma-493-571-826

05-ypsilon-128-534-967 All text by Gábor Ébli

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